Living in Flow

When things are going well in your life, you could probably say that you are “in the flow”. Life has ups and downs and we strive to create more of those up moments.

What if there is a place you could go to learn how to create “flow” in our life? In this segment, you will be introduced to the founders of The School of Flow.

Tee Ming Ooi and Alvar Kurrel teamed up to create a process that will teach the techniques of flowing in energy with yourself and with others.

This team captures the essence of living in Flow.

Both Tee Ming and Alvar share:

  • The Definition Of The State Of Flow
  • How To Create Flow
  • The Importance Of “Intention” And “Trust”
  • The Power Of You
  • The 4 Actions Of Flow

You may experience a life that flows. Have you ever thought that it could flow even better? Now is your chance to hear how simple actions can catapult more ease and grace into your world.

2 thoughts on “Living in Flow”

    1. Terrie Christine

      Thank you. This information is coming from myself and the two individuals on the podcast. The 3 of us worked together awhile back and shared with the world our knowledge. I hope you feel guided to mention me in your article or magazine.

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