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I help people all over the world as an Intuitive Energy Healer and Psychic Medium. Each one, including you, has been guided to me.

You are born into a body and as you grow, you take on the experiences around you. These experiences can become “programmed patterns” within your energetic field. Once you choose to own this false belief or block, you carry it through your life until one day it pops up when someone says something to you or does something to recreate the feeling or emotion of the block.

I offer many different ways to work with me, to heal your past and love your life!

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Guided Meditation

A 15-minute guided meditation that utilizes theta sound to open and expose the deepest levels of your mind. This meditation will guide you out of the monkey mind and allow you to reach a state of total calm and relaxation.


5 Phase Visualization Technique

MagStream is not a guided meditation! It's a 5 step guided visualization technique that follows a precise sequence of steps to help you shed worry and fear and move toward the core of who you truly are, to a place of alignment. It is a powerful exercise that when practiced daily has the potential to shift you into higher levels of awareness about your place in the world. You will experience a sense of peace, calm and grounding in your life.


30 Minute Special Offer

This Deep Dive session is conducted via Phone ONLY and opens the door to your understanding the strongest block that’s holding you back and keeping you stuck. You receive a clearing that shifts the energetic block creating space for the transformation you want to see in your life.

This 30 minute special offer is for those who are curious about energy work or for those who have never worked with me one-on-one.  I created this session with you in mind for you to feel you can personally experience positive results AND step into working with me one-on-one on an ongoing basis.


Members Community Group Energy Clearing

Once a month, on the first day of each month, you and a select group of participants from around the world will join me in a LIVE 60-minute online interactive intensive, where I’ll guide you through a powerful process to connect to your vibrational frequency, access your subconscious, and remove blocks that hold you back.


Experience individual face-to-face hands-on energetic body work to release your pain, whether emotional or physical, to allow for greater healing and space for the love, peace and abundance that you say you want in your life, bringing the subconscious and conscious together enabling your truest self to emerge.


These One-on-One 60-minute sessions conducted via phone, FaceBook Video Messenger or online virtual chat room, allow for a deeper, personal level of clearing. Clients experience a powerful energetic healing not limited by distance or physical presence. My remote work reaches you beyond time, space and dimension(s) to release your pain allowing for greater healing and room for the love, peace, and abundance that you want in your life, bringing the subconscious and conscious together enabling your truest self to emerge.


While Terrie Christine provides private hands on healing through one-on-one sessions, she is also committed to providing them to groups, specifically because a group with a shared common goal and intention of releasing and healing can more quickly and efficiently ignite healing for all participants.

Terrie’s very powerful group energy clearing sessions draw from the collective conscious and clear your blocks and limiting beliefs; freeing you to expand and grow into a life of abundance, health, joy and peace.


Experience an individual mediumship reading with Terrie Christine conducted in person, over the phone, FaceBook Video Messenger or online virtual chat room. During the one hour session Terrie will connect with the deceased person you seek. You will have an opportunity to ask questions or say anything left unsaid. Terrie will deliver messages from the other side, helping to bring closure and peace to unresolved grief and loss.


Group Training Program

This Group Training, conducted via Skype, Face Time, FaceBook Video Messenger or phone, is for anyone who prefers to work in community with others who share in their desire to develop and expand their intuitive skills. A group with a shared common goal can more quickly and efficiently ignite intuitive development. This collaborative training transforms your skills as well as clears your limiting beliefs by tapping into and drawing from the collective conscious to facilitate your own growth and expansion.


Personalized One-on-One Training Program

This one-on-one training conducted via Skype, Face Time, FaceBook Video Messenger or phone, is for anyone who wants to learn how to develop their intuitive gifts or to super-size their current intuitive skills, plus more. This individualized training with me is personalized based on your goals, and has a free-flowing format that addresses what is presenting at the time of your session.



Hear from Terrie in her eBook:
“After years of mastering intuition and energy work and having helped thousands of people the world over, I am going to synthesize for you how lasting transformations occur, so that you too can begin taking the first steps towards creating the life you dream of.”


THE SECRET POWER OF YOU reveals the mystery of your own intuition; how limiting beliefs trigger your responses and your subconscious runs your present life. Unravel the negative energy wrapped around your past life history to expose the stories you tell yourself that keep you from living an open, joyous life, filled with clarity, comfort peace, abundance and love.


Six Week Master Course

The Secret Power of YOU Master Course is your 6 Week Journey Into the power of your intuition. This self-paced recorded course is a companion to my book, the Secret Power of You, that teaches you the steps to connecting into your intuition. In each 60 minute weekly session you will learn how to expand and grow your intuitive skills.


Whether its a short 10-minute talk, a "lunch and learn" training, a motivational keynote speech, or an afternoon workshop, your group, organization or company will be ignited by this powerful speaker.

For more than 17 years, Terrie Christine has worked with organizations and individuals, helping them connect on a deeper level from within so they can release the past, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

Listen to these clients. Would you like to receive the same results?

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