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"Terrie Christine has guided me over a few hurdles in my the end I actually stood up in my living room, put my arms out and knew I could fly (if I really wanted to). I was overjoyed!! -Christine Roman

"She sees, feels, and understands what is not visible. With her intuition, love, and positive energy, Terrie helped me recognize the cause of my pain, the obstacles that were blocking me from using the power I held."  -  Chiaki Nonoyama - Curacao

"I would recommend anyone to work with Terrie to expand their own capabilities and resolve even their most difficult blocks to what they truly desire."  -  John Longo, CBEvolution LLC

"She is also teaching me how to connect with (and trust) my own intuition and guidance on a much deeper level. " Heather K. Jones - NYT Best Selling Author, Dietitian and founder of Smaller Size Bigger Life

"What touched me the most was my heart, which has taken an emotional beating. Terrie Christine placed her hand over my heart and it was energized with amazing healing energy." - Deborah Krammerer, Mechanicsburg, PA

"After my second session with her, I quit smoking.  I went into the second session with the overall intention of getting healthy and since that session I haven't had the desire to smoke." - Nancy Hall, Maryland

"Just an amazing healer and psychic clairvoyant. Probably the best. I had a clearing and feel so much better! Thank you so much." - Lynda

"It's amazing how much better I always feel after our private sessions. She is on the money!" - Amy

"I met Terrie while at Awesomeness Fest in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She is a wise soul who helped me when others couldn't." - Shane Wolfe, Founder of Future Proof Your Home

"I came out of my sessions: Grounded, Confident, and Successful. I will forever be grateful to this heart-centered woman!" - Madison Ford, San Francisco, CA

"What I love about working with Terrie is the feeling of safety when your working with old, traumatic past lives stuff" - Laura

"She provided a thorough reading for me of my mom, who passed away when I was 6 years old. Terrie Christine provided answers to the many questions I had." - Dr. Steve G. Jones, Author of over 20 books, Clinical Hypnotherapist

"What I love about working with Terrie is the feeling of safety when you're working with old, traumatic past lives stuff." - Laura Leigh Clarke, Quantum Physicist, Author, Business Coach and Creator of Prosperity QM

Meet Terrie

I help people access love, abundance and peace by clearing old energetic blocks that hold them back. I work with clients all over the world and continue to be a source of emotional and spiritual healing in the self-empowerment community.

I am an Intuitive Life Coach and Psychic Medium specializing in clearing energy blocks. I possess what I call my “super powers”. I am Clairaudient (hearing), Clairvoyant (seeing) and Clairsentient (feeling).

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, I was struck by a car while walking across the street at the age of 8 and floated in a coma for 10 days.  When I woke up and my body healed, my life was a sea of magnificent manifesting.  I didn’t look at this gift as something special  To me, if I had a “burning desire” and I wanted something, it was simple to just manifest it.

The tipping point for my spiritual transformation began with the passing of my Grandfather.  My sister was the closest to him and she missed him tremendously.  So much so, her loss sucked her into a dark depression.  Every year, I watched as this depression became deeper and more pronounced until the one day I contacted a Medium.