Create the Space to Love Yourself First

Mastering the ability to love yourself can be a bit tricky when most of your adult life you have been a giver or what some might call, a pleaser. You may create a “push-pull” situation between you and your family if they are used to you being the one as the main giver.

Al Diaz is an author of several books, producer of his own movie and an international key note speaker. Al found himself living old patterns when he tried to find the balance between being internationally well-known and being attentive to his family.

During this talk, Al describes his patterns and lessons to create the space to love yourself first.

Al reviews with us:

  • The Definition Of Selfish And Self-Care
  • Old Patterns Can Exist Even If You Don’T See Them
  • What Happened When He Began His Journey Into Self-Care
  • A Method To Create What You Want In Your Life
  • How To “Hold” The Space For Self-Love
  • The End Result When He Chose To Dive Into The Pain

If you find yourself being a giver to please others, this will highlight the lessons and teach you; loving yourself is about honoring and loving from within. Life will response in a positive manner when you learn to love yourself.

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