Once a month, on the first day of each month, you and a select group of participants from around the world will join me in a LIVE 60-minute online interactive intensive, where I’ll guide you through a powerful process to connect to your vibrational frequency, access your subconscious, and remove blocks that hold you back.

These workshop calls are also personalized and interactive and are not just me talking to you. In each call you are required to participate and commit to doing the exercises and allowing the energy to transform you.  I’ll help you connect to your intention to have more of what you want and transform the blocks that get in the way of you having it.

In my LIVE monthly PowerStream, I'll help you:

Shift in your “Money Story” to one of abundance and success.

Eliminate the feelings of uncertainty and doubt that cause you to procrastinate.

Identify the mental and emotional obstacles that are holding you back so you can release them.

Shatter your blocks so you can start living an exceptional life.

Identify and clear a specific block or pattern in your energetic field.

Shift old energy to form a new template, allowing the true you to master clarity as new perceptions are revealed to you.


Here is What We Have And Are Clearing In PowerStream:

“I feel less stressed and this is the only thing I’m doing differently!”
“I felt stuck with a major life challenge and now I have clarity and greater understanding of how to proceed.”
“Within a week of our clearing session, I opened to the love I wanted to receive and could trust it.”
“I became very emotional and knew I was letting go of something profound.”
“Terrie made me really think, and helped me be more honest with myself about why I struggle.”
“I quit smoking the day after the session and have not smoked since.”
“My house was on the market for 5 months, I thought it never would sell. I received a contract 3 days after the session.”

If you can’t make it to the live event, the clearing is just as powerful in the replay!

Terrie 3

Here is what we have and are clearing in PowerStream:


JanHocus Focus - Getting Out Of Your Own Way

FebThe Dear Hunter - Seeking Your Mate

MarchAll Or Nothing At All - Discover Your Most Important Awe

AprilHop Into Life - Finding Your Passion and Purpose

MayMe, Myself and Why

JuneLittle Is The New Big - What Are You Dreaming Of?

JulyStop Watering Dead Flowers - Moving Out Of Procrastination

Aug - Clean Up to Beam Up - Clearing The Path To Higher Guidance

SeptMove Your Mountains - Taking Steps to Leap Over Stuck

OctFright Night - Removing The Mask Of Fear

NovTurkey See As Turkey Do - Breaking Your Subconscious Patterns

DecFrosty The Romance - Fanning The Flames of Desire



How To Eliminate Frustration, Hurt and Pain to Feel Happiness Again

An elegant blend of personal story and discovery - this book guides you to trust your intuition that is waiting to be heard. When you finally come to completely trust in yourself, you are trusting in the very soul that you entered this life with, the soul that is YOU. This book helps you understand how life’s ups and downs distracts and derails you from living our life’s purpose and urges you towards living in ease and grace.



ThetaStream is a 15-minute guided meditation that utilizes theta sound to open and expose the deepest levels of your mind. This meditation guides you out of the monkey mind and allows you to reach a state of total calm and relaxation. You are guided through a process of expanded awareness, allowing you to become one with Source energy creating a lightness in your body, supporting the space where you are intended to be.


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