The Seven Major Chakras

The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. It has been described by people as a spinning wheel of light.

There are seven major chakras within the human body and each of these chakras has a specific color associated to it along with specific purposes to the body.

Here, you will learn the seven major chakras plus two extra bonus ones in understanding the energy of others and what they are going through in their life.

Terrie will teach:

  • Each chakra and the detail of its energy associated to the physical body
  • Tips to enhancing your life through your chakras
  • How each chakra is important to understanding what others are experiencing
  • Vibrations in words and how to hear the vibrations
  • Definition of “stepping into the energy of someone” and how you can feel it from your body
  • What she feels when she communicates with a deceased loved one

You will receive a greater understanding of the seven major chakras that will enable you to recognize what someone else is dealing with in their life and that what you feel may not necessarily be your own.

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