Power of Forgiveness

AshokHeadShotSeveral years ago, I went to my third Awesomeness Fest. It’s a personal development experience that created a transformational journey where I mingled with hundreds of like-minded people. I met an amazing individual named Ashok Takur.

Ashok spent the entire 4 days, hugging and kissing everyone. There wasn’t a single moment I saw that he wasn’t sincerely open and loving. I had to ask Ashok how someone can share never ending unconditional love.

I invited Ashok to tell his story so that all could experience the power of forgiveness.

Ashok shares:

  • The Moment He Was Electrocuted At The Age Of 22
  • His Lessons Learned
  • Reveals The Moment His Life Shifted
  • 3 Simple Principles To Live A Life Filled With Love
  • His Powerful Message To You

Ashok’s story is compelling and in it you may find strength to forgive.

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