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Thank you and I’m grateful for your interest in working with me.  I have had the opportunity to help people all over the world as an Intuitive Life Coach.   Each one, including you, has been guided to me.

You are born into a body and as you grow, you take on the experiences around you.  These experiences can become “programmed patterns” within your energetic field.  Once you choose to own this false belief or block, you carry it through your life until one day it pops up when someone says something to you or does something to recreate the feeling or emotion of the block.

These blocks are usually created by us before the age of seven.  Most of the time, you don’t recall the incident in your life until you are triggered into the feeling.  By the time you are triggered, you get in your thoughts over the current experience that it’s hard for you to see the underlying false belief.

As an intuitive, I’m able to connect to the source of the block.  I can tell you when this block was created, by whom, how old you were and a description of the occurrence.  This enables me to assist with shifting that energy out of your existence to allow room for the energy of what you deserve in your life.

I offer several different ways to work with me.

  1. Hack into your intuition and transmute anything blocking you from connecting it to. You will be guided to follow your inner guidance system when you are fully connected in trusting your own intuition.
  2. Experience One-on-One or group energy clearings. This is the core element of assisting you with shifting stagnant or stuck energy.
  3. Detect and clear the programmed patterns and false beliefs that are blocking you from receiving peace, love, abundance and happiness.
  4. Discover how you can manifest moments in your life right now when utilizing learned techniques.
  5. Raise your vibration into a new blueprint of creation. Thoughts create the feeling that create the action.
  6. Engage in the techniques of energy healing allowing you to enhance your hidden powers.
  7. Communicate with individuals who have crossed over to receive messages of unconditional love.
  8. Enrich the shift of energy within your physical being.
  9. Feel a sense of knowing that your life is transformed.
  10. Develop an easier way to live life.

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Bethesda Salt Cave Group Energy Clearing – Bethesda, Maryland
75 minute Group Energy Clearing Session – Local clients
Space is Limited!

*Connect to collective consciousness of group to clear blocks as a whole

*Receive benefits from Himalayan salt

*Unravel false beliefs holding you back

*A sense of support from other participants


Intuitive Life Coach Training Program

Exclusive One-on-One 12 Month Course

One on One - (1) 60 min session every two weeks for 12 months

*Methods of harnessing energy within you and around others

*Private energy clearings to unleash your Superpowers

*Tools to identify and clear your own blocks

*”Supersize” your intuition

*Increased vibration to manifest at a higher success rate

*Sabotage negative thought patterns and subconscious beliefs

* Developed knowledge to become an Intuitive Life Coach

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Let's Shift Your Life To The Next Level Today

Did you love the peace and calm of the ThetaStream meditation?

Wasn’t it wonderful to FINALLY have all that mind chatter calm so you can rest deep and make calm, considered decisions again?

I love that too. And I keep getting emails from people asking if they can get more...more peace, more calm, more living the life you want to live.

So I’m making my special MagStream meditation available for a limited time.


IntuitiveStream - 3 sessions - 60 minute One-on-One

*Identify and clear a specific block or pattern in your energetic field

*Shift old energy to form a new template to allow the true you to emerge

*Master clarity as your new perception reveals itself.

*Receive audio of ThetaSteam Meditation

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PowerStream Monthly Online Group Energy Clearing

*  Clearing of energetic blocks

*  Experience profound shifts resulting in a happier you
*  New topic every month
*  Interactive platform
*  Strong collective consciousness when working in group setting to help shift the group as a whole
*  Log on from any computer or phone anywhere in the world
*  Receive Recorded replay
*  Discounts for purchasing packages


The Secret Power Of You Master Course – Six Week Program

Are you ready to unleash your intuition and step into your full power?

Then it's time for The Secret Power of You Master Course...


SaltEfx – Harrisburg, PA


Call to book.  Space is Limited!

75 minute Release & Relief Session – Local clients

*Connect to collective consciousness of group to clear blocks as a whole

*Receive benefits from Himalayan salt

*Unravel false beliefs holding you back

*A sense of support from other participants

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