Feeling stuck? Access the deepest levels of your mind with my FREE ThetaStream Guided Meditation!

Do you ever feel as though life simply isn't on your side -- that you were meant for something more?
Press the easy button and live more in ease and grace with ThetaStream!  You’ll learn to intuitively clear your mind so you can move into getting the answers to your questions from within.

ThetaStream is a 15-minute guided meditation that utilizes theta sound to open and expose the deepest levels of your mind. This meditation will guide you out of the monkey mind and allow you to reach a state of total calm and relaxation.

This ThetaStream meditation is my gift to you. 

About ThetaStream:

As an internationally-known Intuitive Life Coach, I have the ability to see the life that you were meant to have. I can connect to the energy deep within you to reveal and remove the inner block preventing you from receiving the love, abundance, and happiness that you deserve.

ThetaStream is perfect if you have have ever had the following thoughts or feelings:

  • Everything that you do in life is doomed to fail.
    Although you try, something prevents you from achieving success. At the end of the day, you feel tired, worn out and beat down. Your fear keeps you awake at night. You feel alone, lost and lonely in your relationship.
  • Experiences of the past cause you to hang onto the pain, guilt, and suffering of what you might have done differently -- the “woulda,” “coulda,” “shoulda”
    How often do those experiences cause you to hesitate or even turn back rather than move forward?
  • No matter what you do, nothing ever seems to change.
    You take two steps forward and three steps back then four more steps forward and ten steps back.  This never-ending feeling that you just can’t get ahead.
  • Work is so draining and unfulfilling.
    When you come home, you feel as though you have nothing left to give to your family -- but fear about your financial situation prevents you from quitting your job. You find it difficult to sleep -- and with fear constantly weighing on you, there is no joy in waking up in the morning.

I understand the feelings that you're experiencing because I've experienced them myself. Even now, it is painful to think about that time in my life. I pushed the negative feelings away -- pretended that my life was fine -- but inside, I was paralyzed. Every night, I cried until my eyes burned. On the weekends, I slept in because I didn't want to get out of bed. I wore a ponytail every day because just getting dressed required all of the energy I could muster. I know what you're going through -- because I’ve gone through those same experiences myself. I changed my life. That's how I know that I can help you change yours as well.

ThetaStream, the foundational element in The Stream System is my gift to you. It is the first step on the path to understanding and leveraging PowerStream in your life. Take action and receive it. It's free.

How ThetaStream will impact your life:

  • As you complete ThetaStream, one of the first things you become aware of is everything around you appears different however nothing has changed.  You feel great when you wake up.
  • Your stress level will decrease, and you find more good in people, places, and things. It’s as if you released the pain and fear from the past and replaced with love and trust.
  • You can release the feeling of emptiness and replace it with fulfillment.


Can you see yourself doing this? I want this for you.


Get my ThetaStream meditation now for free!

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