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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start off the month with a clean slate, without the weight of the past weeks weighing you down?

One of the things I would like you to discover is you no longer have to live month in and month out frustrated, stuck, confused or helpless.

When you attend this exclusive LIVE, online group energy clearing session, you will experience starting every month fresh, a brand new baby month full of hope and possibility.

When you join PowerStream, Here’s What You’ll Get:

  1. I’ll change your ‘Money story” to one of abundance and success…for you
  2. I’ll eliminate the feelings of uncertainty and doubt that cause you to procrastinate…for you
  3. I’ll identify the mental and emotional obstacles that are holding you back release them…for you
  4. I’ll shatter your blocks so you can start living an exceptional life…for you
  5. I’ll wipe your slate clean…for you EVERY MONTH so you can maintain your momentum into living the life you deserve

I want you to receive the benefits that others have already experienced.

Here is what they are saying…

“I feel less stressed and this is the only thing I’m doing different!”
“I quit smoking the day after the session and have not smoked since.”
“I received two checks out of the blue I never expected.”
“My house was on the market for 5 months, I thought it never would sell and I received a contact 3 days after the session.”
“I finally feel free!”

If you can’t make it to the event live, the clearing is just as powerful in the replay!

Here is what we clear:


Jan – Happy Real You

Feb – Mirror, Mirror On The Wall.  Who Am I After All?

March – Clearing The Madness Of Uncertainty

April – Spring Forth Into Juicy Goodness

May – Unleashing Magical Moments

June – Supersize Your Clarity

July – Chillax And Manifest

Aug – Love Stinks! Clear the Air For Your Perfect Mate

Sept – Last Call To Open Endless Opportunities

Oct – Trick Your Procrastination Out The Door

Nov – Gobble Up Your Amazing Reality

Dec – Oh Holy Night!!  Raising Your Sexual Energy




Jan – Riding The Wave Of Infinite Possibilities

Feb – Cuddle And Snuggle With Me, Myself And I

March – Get Off The Hamster Wheel

April – All Broke!  Clearing The Path To Perfect Health

May – Peek-A-Boo.  I See You Having More Fun and Adventure

June – The End is Here.  Moving Out Of Shame, Guilt And Doubt

July – One Plus One Equals None.  Pushing The Stop Button On Lack

Aug – Magnify and Say It’s Mine to Supersized Abundance

Sept – Looking Evil In The Eye.  Why Judgement Is Eating You Alive

Oct – Your Parents Lied And You Don’t Know It Yet

Nov – Money Loves Me

Dec – Oh What Fun It Is To Ride The Joy Sleigh


I’ve already secured your spot, and can’t wait to see you inside. Choose your level of support >>

With Loving Kindness,


3 Month Subscription:

  • Includes ThetaStream – ThetaStream is a guided meditation with theta sound that takes you to the deeper levels of the mind. Theta state is generally experienced in deep meditation or in our sleep state. In this state of mind, you will shift any stagnant energy and bring you to a more balanced state to permit each chakra to function as it was created allowing peace, love and abundance to flow into your life.
  • BONUS: MagStream ($7 value) – This 5 phase visualization technique will transform you to a more peaceful and loving state in only 15 minutes. By connecting with your inner knowing of love you will establish a path to a more loving you so you can find that the life of love and abundance you’ve been yearning for was always within.

6 Month Subscription (33% discount):

  • Includes ThetaStream
  • Includes MagStream  ($7 value)
  • BONUS: How to Eliminate Frustration, Hurt and Pain to Feel Happiness Again eBook ($9.99 value)

12 Month Subscription  (50% discount):

  • Includes ThetaStream
  • Includes MagStream  ($7 value)
  • Includes How to Eliminate Frustration, Hurt and Pain to Feel Happiness Again eBook ($9.99 value)
  • BONUS: ONE on ONE (30 min.) Intuitive Life Coaching Session ($250 value) – This one on one session via Skype provides for a deeper, more personal level of clearing as I connect to your energy to detect the strongest core block holding you back currently in your life.

I will: 

    • Identify and clear a specific block or pattern in your energetic field
    • Shift old energy to form a new template to allow the true you to emerge allowing you to master clarity as your new perception reveals itself.

1 Month, 1 Year (Get 2 Months Free!)

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