Intuitive Development Training Program

Personalized One-on-One Training Program


This one-on-one training conducted via Skype, Face Time, FaceBook Video Messenger or phone, is for anyone who wants to learn how to develop their intuitive gifts or to super-size their current intuitive skills, plus more. This individualized training with me is personalized based on your goals, and has a free-flowing format that addresses what is presenting at the time of your session.

Most intuitive development courses offer training and NOTHING ELSE. In this training, you will also receive energy clearings. These clearings will shift the limiting beliefs keeping you from trusting, receiving, understanding, comprehending, manifesting, letting go of the past, clearing old programmed patterns and more. Uncover what actually is blocking you from connecting, bonding, upgrading, uniting, increasing and keeping strong your intuition.

In this course you receive:

*One-on-One - (1) 60 min session every 10 days for 7 months

*Methods of harnessing energy within you and around others

*Private energy clearings to unleash your Superpowers

*Tools to identify and clear your own blocks

*”Supersize” your intuition

*Increase your vibration to manifest at a higher success rate

*Sabotage negative thought patterns and subconscious beliefs

Call to Book Now! Contact Terrie by emailing or calling 240-600-1171

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