Group Energy Healing

We all face challenges in life.  For some of us it’s financial that could relate to our careers or personal development.  For others it could be a health issue or over eating, or grief that hasn’t resolved.  And yet for others still, these issues might show up in the form of addiction(s) or relationship challenges.  The origin of your challenges often come from blocks that develop as a result of your early childhood experiences.

As a group participant experience face-to-face energy clearing to release your pain, whether emotional or physical, to allow for greater healing and space for the love, peace and abundance that you say you want in your life, bringing the subconscious and conscious together enabling your truest self to emerge.


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Come to any one of my various locations or bring me to you.  I can and do travel all over the world to work with YOU.

Choose from one of my locations near you:

Zoetic Wellness Center
1700 Reisterstown Rd, #109
Pikesville, MD. 21208

6009 Allentown Rd
Harrisburg, PA. 17112

Terrie’s Private Suite
4405 East West Highway, #504
Bethesda, MD 20814

Listen to these clients. Would you like to receive the same results?
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Dates Available

SaltEfx -
all are from 9:30a to 11:00a
Saturday, March 21
Saturday, April 18
Saturday May 16
Saturday, June 13
Zoetic Wellness Center
All are from 6:00p to 7:30p
Wednesday, March 11
Wednesday, April 15
Wednesday, May 13
Wednesday, June 17
Wednesday, July 22
Private Suite - Bethesda
Thursday, March 19 - 6pm to 7:30pm
Saturday, April 18th - 3:30pm to 5pm
Saturday, May 16 - 3:30pm to 5pm
Saturday, June 13 - 3:30pm to 5pm
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