The Power of Trust and Knowing

One of the biggest parts of your life is Trust. Trust could be hard to feel if you have experienced a lot of pain or frustrations.

Having a sense of knowing is just part of who you are. Some people may blow it off as coincidence or others may ignore these confirming feelings.

This segment is filled with some of the best information. I tap into many different levels of trust and bring you closer to the power of trust and knowing.

I guide you through:

  • Understanding An Energetic Block
  • How To Trust What You Don’T See
  • The 3 Key Elements Of Manifesting
  • Difference Between “Trust” And “Knowing”
  • The Story Behind “Your Thoughts”
  • How To Be Mindful
  • How To Feel Your Yes
  • Tips On How To Ask The Universe For What You Want

Once you center several or all of the techniques learned here, you will find more happiness, love and ease will exist in your every day life.

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