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How Can MagStream Change Your Life?

MagStream is not a guided meditation!

It’s a 5-step guided visualization technique that follows a precise sequence of steps to help you shed worry and fear, and move toward the core of who you truly are, to a place of alignment.  It is a powerful exercise that when practiced daily has the potential to shift you into higher levels of awareness about your place in the world.  You’ll experience a sense of peace, calm and grounding in your daily life.

The 5 steps of MagStream

Step 1 – Embrace the Negative

In order to appreciate the good stuff that happens in your life, you must experience what you feel as unpleasant. Instead of resisting the negative emotions, embrace them because they are happening for a reason. I’ll show you how to use these emotions to discover the truth behind the emotion.

Step 2 – Express Gratitude

Gratitude is that warm fuzzy feeling that sprouts from within your heart. I’ll show you how to witness all that exists in your life and around you and feel grateful for it all, allowing you to enjoy it on a deeper level.

Step 3 – Ask For What You Want

An easy, yet profound way to set your intention on the experiences you want to manifest in your life by asking a simple question. I’ll help you ask that question in a way that brings abundance into your life.

Step 4 – Meditate

We take great care cleansing our bodies, our homes, our clothes, our cars, but we rarely take time to cleanse our minds. I’ll show you how to incorporate this practice into your daily life.

Step 5 – Look in the Mirror

Have you ever felt like no one will ever love you? Or perhaps you feel like you have never felt love? I’ll teach you the mirror technique, a simple yet profound way to connect to the love you already have inside you.


Tired of feeling like you’re swimming upstream? Shift into higher levels of awareness about your place in the world with MagStream.

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