Individual Mediumship Reading

Is there someone in your past who no longer is physically living and who you want to communicate with?

Join Terrie Christine in an intimate one-on-one mediumship reading. In your session, Terrie will connect you with those who are on the other side. Throughout the one-hour session, Terrie Christine will deliver profound healing messages from these spirits in a safe, supportive and intimate setting.  Terrie is able to deliver personalized and validating messages to you from your deceased loved ones.

What to Expect

  • Sessions runs 1 hour
  • Set the intention for your soul's healing and highest good
  • Gain validation and information from those you’re connecting to

Contact Terrie now to book YOUR individual Mediumship reading session(s) conducted in person, over the phone, FaceBook Video Messenger or online virtual chat room by emailing or by calling 240-600-1171

Come to my location listed below or bring me to you. I can and do travel all over the world to work with YOU.

This can also be performed over the phone, FaceBook Video Messenger or an online virtual room.

4405 East West Highway
Suite 508
Bethesda, Maryland

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