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ILLUMINATE ANNAPOLIS – Mind Body Spirit Festival

November 12, 2017 @ 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Illuminate Annapolis Sails In To Heal

Illuminate Annapolis hosts holistic festivals, workshops and more in the Annapolis, Maryland area.

We’re here to enlighten our community to alternative healing practitioners, modalities, and products including:


Admission is $5.  (tickets sold at the door), free or low-cost services. Active duty and retired military, first responders (police, firefighters, EMTs) will receive free admission in gratitude for their service.

What to Expect

Participants at the event can come by my booth for a 20 minute one on one intuitive reading.  You can contact me directly https://terriechristine.com/contact-us/ . Sign up in advance or come early to pick the best time slot.


  • ACUPUNCTURE – Acupuncture aims to treat a range of conditions.  For example: anxiety, depression, pain, PTSD, ADHD and chronic fatigue.  Consequently, it also helps with your desire to quit smoking by stimulating specific points along the body with thin needles.
  • REIKI – Reiki uses a technique commonly called “hands-on-healing”.   In other words, it is a form of alternative medicine that practitioners use to transfer universal energy.   The (life force) form of qi runs through their hands, allowing for self-healing.
  • MASSAGE – Massage is the manipulation of surface and deeper muscles. Additionally, various techniques are used to aid in the healing process and to promote well-being.
  • TAROT – Presently, tarot readings use a deck of 78-cards.  Strangely enough, it is considered a map of mental and spiritual pathways that helps growth and insight.
  • PSYCHIC MEDIUMS – Psychic mediums are naturally gifted.  Above all, they provide information about you, others, or a situation through their intuition.  In addition, they can also channel information from those who have “crossed over”.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS – Essential oils are natural.  Therefore, they are used to help the body heal itself of various ailments. Furthermore, it can also enhance the user’s life through application on the skin, smelling or using through a diffuser.
  • CRYSTAL JEWELRY, LUXURIOUS SPA PRODUCTS, UNIQUE HANDMADE GIFTS – Crystal jewelry, luxurious spa products, and unique handmade gifts made by local artists.

Grab your details

In the meantime, click here for festival program


These are just a few of the many things featured at Illuminate Annapolis events.

To learn more about Terrie:  https://terriechristine.com/about/

At this point, we invite you to join us!


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