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PowerStream – LIVE Online Group Energy Clearing – BALANCE BEAM

November 1, 2017 @ 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Energy Intuitive Uses PowerStream To Clear Limiting Beliefs

Topic for November 1, 2017 – PowerStream:  Balance Beam

On the first of each month on PowerStream, you and a select group of participants from around the world will join Energy Intuitive, Terrie Christine on a LIVE call.  She will guide you through a powerful process.  First, she will connect to your vibrational frequency.  Second, she will access your subconscious and remove a given block. And finally, together we will wipe the slate clean.

To put it briefly, Terrie has intended these calls to give you the same experience as a one-on-one session with her and to have the same profound results.

Here’s What you Get

These calls occur in a type of forum setting.  Nevertheless, they are much more than just talks or webinars. You are as engaged in the process as she is.

As an Intuitive Mentor, Terrie connects with her clients’ energy fields and identifies where they have a block that is keeping them stuck.

As a matter of fact, she reads the energy of the entire group. And during each call, she will determine the strongest blocks holding the group back as a whole.  From there, she methodically shifts the energy.

In the end, the result you’ll be left with is an unexplainable awareness that makes life feel light and effortless.

These calls are also personalized and interactive and are not just Terrie talking to you. During each call you are:

First: required to participate and commit to doing the exercises

Second: Allow the energy to transform you.

Finally, share your experience, ask questions and offer insights into your transformation, if you so wish.

This kind of collaborative transformation is scientifically proven to enhance individual results and retention. Large groups of people can more quickly and effectively ignite positive change by focusing on a common goal. More importantly, the key is the collective consciousness.

During these calls, every participant moves from the self and into the collective consciousness and uses this mass of energy to make the transformation deeper, stronger and more effective. Therefore, results you experience are amplified compared to the results you would experience by moving through the process on your own or alone.

Some of the things you might experience are:

  1. Your ‘Money story” will change to one of abundance and success.
  2. Feelings of uncertainty and doubt that cause you to procrastinate will be eliminated.
  3. The mental and emotional obstacles that are holding you back will be identified and released.
  4. Your blocks will be shattered allowing you to start living an exceptional life.
  5. EVERY MONTH you will wipe your slate clean so you can keep the positive momentum going and get closer to the life you desire.

In PowerStream, Terrie will guide you through a set of highly effective processes that were originally designed for one-on-one sessions, making them so exclusive you will not find them in any other energetic or healing coaching program. In using these proven processes, you will set yourself apart as one of the few people in the world to have encountered this level of personal healing and transformation.

Is this Right for You?

This LIVE online group energy clearing will catapult you along with like minded individuals to a new you. This session is offered from the privacy of your own home. You will log onto an online platform where Terrie will connect to the collective consciousness and clear the strongest blocks from the group as a whole.

As I have said, the magic happens on the FIRST OF EACH MONTH.

To conclude, participants will have access to the recorded playback for 30 days.

Now it’s time. Finally, give yourself the opportunity to heal your past with an Energy Intuitive, see positive momentum, experience progress and start to feel really good again.

NOW BOOK HERE and discover the importance of investing in yourself today.

This session is 90 minutes.

To learn more about Terrie:  https://terriechristine.com/about/

Follow me on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TerrieChristine/

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