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I opened my eyes and found myself tied to a hospital bed with an oxygen tent over my head and a tracheotomy tube down my throat. I was eight years old. I didn’t know what had happened as I saw my young 20 something parents staring down at me, stunned that I was awake. I didn’t know that I had been lying there for 10 days. I didn’t know that I had been hit by a car and was found bleeding from my eyes, ears and nose; that a doctor had seen the accident and performed an emergency tracheotomy on the street, saving my life. My jaw was broken in 3 places and wired shut. I had a lacerated liver, bruised spleen and dislocated left arm. I could not talk or move. Over the next month my physical injuries healed with scars and residual pain. I was left with certain challenges that have stayed with me, impacting how and what I eat; how I need to sleep to prevent pain in my jaw; how my body responds to medical interventions and experiences.

I did not fully know then, how protected I was to survive that accident. Angels were with me that day and stayed close, as they do for all of us.

My expanding awareness about death and how close we are to those who have passed to the other side came following the death of my grandfather.

Terrie Christine

My father’s father was very close to my sister, who was a single mom with a young son. My grandfather was committed to providing a father figure to his grandson and he visited him and my sister every weekend in that role. One day, she received a call from our grandfather to let her know that he was experiencing stomach pain and was going to the hospital. He said he would call her when he arrived home. She never received that call. While he was getting an MRI at the hospital he had a massive heart attack and died. My sister was devastated by his sudden death and the enormous loss his absence created in her life and that of her son. By the 5th anniversary of his death, I grew deeply concerned for her health as she continued to grieve and seemed unable to find peace in his passing. I arranged a 3-way call with my sister, myself and a medium, not knowing exactly what to expect, but hopeful that this person could play a role in my sister’s healing. The medium connected instantly with our grandfather. Through the medium our grandfather was able to let us know that during the MRI table he saw the light and stepped into it. He had experienced no pain and was with our grandmother, assuring us that he was in a better place. That session allowed my sister to heal. She no longer held emotional pain over his death. The medium ended the session telling us, “I never saw myself doing this. If I can do it, anyone can do it.” Those words, that experience, set in motion my trajectory to save lives and ease pain just as she had in helping my sister connect with our grandfather.

Terrie Christine

I knew then that I wanted to be a medium, but would not start my journey until several years later, when I came to the end of my 14-year relationship with my daughters’ father.

It was the end. My end. I was ready to die. There was nothing left for me. I had two beautiful daughters with a man I had once been in love with. Even though I never experienced his genuine caring or support, I gave him everything I had. I gave him my love, but he couldn’t and wouldn’t receive it or value it. In the final year together, I cried every day. I was lost, resentful and angry. One sleepless and tear-filled night I rose from bed and went into the bathroom and laid down on the floor. Despite the cold hard tile beneath me, I could feel myself float up and out of my body as I asked God to take me, to relieve me of the deep emotional pain I could no longer live with. As I floated I could see stars; I could touch them. The taste of dampness was all around me and in my mouth. I was leaving.

What I could not know in that moment was that stepping into my purpose, reclaiming my power, owning the knowledge that I deserved more, began when I gave up and asked God to stop my heart.

Terrie Christine

In the next moment, I heard with undeniable clarity and volume, the words “Love will come!” In an instant I flew back into my body. I rose up off the floor and went to bed. Decision made - I would end my relationship. I was choosing to live. I woke up the next day and my life completely changed. In what I can only describe as guided action, I went to the book store and bought a shopping cart full of books by authors I had never heard of before. They included Esther and Jerry Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, among others. They were all rich sources to support my personal development. Within 3 months, I left the relationship. Before long, I chose to study with the masters and experts in the fields of energy healing, shamanic journeying and essential oils. My intuitive development grew beyond just wanting to be a medium. I worked to clear my own limiting beliefs and to develop and expand my own intuitive super powers. I developed Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience in order to help others.

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Today over a decade later – I now heal people all over the world as a practicing Intuitive Energy Healer.

I have helped thousands like you access clarity, results, understanding, and a sense of peace and freedom. Through my work I help you clear away your stories and fears that are wrapped around old energetic blocks which hold you back and often contribute to emotional and physical chronic pain. I work with clients in-person and remotely throughout the United States and internationally. I continue to be a source of emotional and spiritual healing in people’s lives and the larger self-empowerment community.

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Terrie Christine

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